Honey Judging (Honey Show)

More info to come!

Learn to Prepare a Honey Show Entry

Attendees, beekeeper or not, feel free to stop by the booth and ask questions about honey shows and what is considered in the process of judging everything from honey to wax to candles and more!

BEEKEEPERS:  If you would like some personal direction, please feel free to bring in your samples and get some one on one tips and pointers.  Below is a list of what can be submitted, known as classes, in a competition and the requirements that go with them:


  1. Liquid honey - divided into subclasses by color: 3 one pound containers per entry

  2. Chunk Honey: 3 one pound containers per entry

  3. Comb Honey

  • Round, section, cassette or cut comb: 3 entries packaged in clear container on top and bottom.  Wood sections may be in removable cardboard box.

  • Full Frame: one entry in container clear on both sides.

  1. Creamed Honey: 3 one pound containers per entry

  2. Beeswax block: 3 blocks of any shape, minimum one pound each block.

  3. Artistic beeswax: one entry, minimum one pound of wax

  4. Candles: one entry, minimum 8oz. of wax

  5. Pollen: one entry, minimum 8oz. of pollen

  6. Propolis: one entry, minimum 8 oz. of propolis

NOTE: Glass jars score higher than plastic.

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