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Pollinators: Who They Are and How to Help Them - by Vince Ste. Marie of Windy Rock Farm (Manchester, MI)

What is the relationship between pollinators and plants?  What contribution do pollinators make to agricultural production?  Beyond the well-known honey bees, just who are the pollinators – and what do they need to succeed? 


Vince’s family has been beekeeping since 2012 and in 2016, started a specialty nursery featuring primarily Michigan native flowering trees, shrubs and perennial wildflowers of benefit to pollinators.


In addition to his presentation, Vince will bring a selection of plants for sale at the festival.  Pre-orders are highly encouraged and can be placed by e-mail at or by phone call/text to 734.223.3242.  A current Windy Rock Farm/Plants with Purpose catalog is available by e-mail request.

Odd Bee-havior - by Charlotte Hubbard

We beekeepers are … “special,” and so are the insects we cherish. This humorous review of some of the amusing things many of us have done, interlaced with practical beekeeping tips, is a light opportunity to enjoy and reflect on this fascinating hobby, while learning.

Beyond The Bees' Knees - by Charlotte Hubbard

An overview of the critical honeybee, what's happening with its survival, personal reflections about beekeeping, and Q&A. This presentation is tailored to a general audience, furthering their bee knowledge with a discussion of some of the amazing facets of this insect, how we can help, and what a beekeeper does.

​Apitherapy (Bee Venom Therapy) - by Keith & Jessica Steller of Steller Apiaries (Jackson, MI)

Getting Started with Beekeeping - by Ana Heck, MSU Extension

Beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby or business.  But beekeeping isn't right for everyone, and many new beekeepers don't stick with it.  Learn what to consider before deciding if beekeeping is right for you, and learn what you can do to help pollinators regardless of whether you decide to keep honey bees.