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So…What IS the big BUZZ about Beeswax? - Malinda Barr of Ralya House Beeswax Essentials

I will talk about the other end of the honey production which results in BEESWAX!!

We will learn about the top 15 ways to use Beeswax in your home/workplace that don’t involve a wick. As well as the top 3 things that make beeswax the ONLY wax to ever burn…and WHY!

Honeybees: Angels of Agriculture - Lucy Winn, American Honey Queen
Come and learn about the fascinating and resourceful world of the honeybee in the United
States.  2022 American Honey Queen Lucy Winn of Pennsylvania will teach attendees about the
inner workings of the beehive, beekeeping in the United States, and how the beekeepers’
dedication drives honeybee pollination.  Experience how this wondrous insect and its caretakers
affect many aspects of our world!
Lucy Winn is the 20-year-old daughter of Stephen and Lauren Winn of Carlisle, PA.  She is a
sophomore at DeSales University, where she studies business management and marketing.  Her
family keeps backyard beehives, which sparked her passion for beekeeping.  As the 2022
American Honey Queen, Lucy is a national spokesperson for the American Beekeeping
Federation, a trade organization representing beekeepers and honey producers throughout the
United States.  The Honey Queen and Princess speak and promote in venues nationwide, and
Queen Lucy has traveled extensively nationwide on behalf of the organization.


Honey: The Diverse Kitchen Wonder - Lucy Winn, American Honey Queen
American Honey Queen Lucy Winn will demonstrate to attendees how honey has a diverse range
of functions, forms and flavors. Lucy will share tips on how honey can be used in recipes
ranging from main dishes to entrees and also in cosmetic and spa treatments. She will
demonstration recipes using some of the over 300 varieties of honey in the United States and will
feature honeys unique to Michigan. Enjoy the sweet bounties of the bees’ labor and learn how
useful and delicious honey can be in your own home.

Honey: Where it Comes from and Why it’s Important - Lucy Winn, American Honey Queen
Honeybees make honey and that honey has a diverse range of functions, forms, and flavors. Join
American Honey Queen Lucy Winn as she highlights the unique properties this special
sweetener that varies throughout the United States. She will also share the process of how honey
is made, where it comes from, and how knowing where your honey comes from is important to
the consumer and the beekeeper. Come ready to learn more about the wondrous product of